It’s normal for cars to have certain engine sounds, but when you suddenly hear noises that you are not used to, it’s important to pay attention to these as they may signal engine problems.Don’t neglect these noises and have them inspected to prevent costly repairs.

1. Clunking and Grinding

You will hear an audible sound of clunking and grindingwhen there is a transmission issue. For cars with manual transmissions, you will hear the clunkingmost probably when you shift gears. The grinding sounds may signal that the transmission is blocked by dirt and grease. Our team will offer inspection and see if there are wears in the brakes that may have caused the strange noises.

2. Clicking and Tapping

When you hear clicking and tapping sounds, this may indicate that there is a damaged part or the oil pressure is low. The noises will be louder as you step on the gas and increase speed. One effective way to know if it’s the oil pressure that’s causing the noise is totake the dipstick out and see if there is sufficient amount of oil.

3. Knocking

Deep knocking noises may mean that the vehicle’s connecting rods have become loose or extremely worn out. These sounds signal that the bearings will soon be damaged. For such cases, we recommend you totake the vehicle to our automotive service center to have it properly inspected and repaired.

4. Hissing

Hissing sounds may result from by overheating engine or leaking vacuum device. When you hear these noises, inspect the cooling system and have it repaired if necessary. You must replace the vacuum device as well in cases of leaks.

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